Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ted Little Gets Little From Lyman Ward yet ...

Alabama Senator Ted Little makes the T-town News today with revelations that he earns almost $6000 a year from Lyman Ward Military Academy and sponsors legislation where the state funds expenditures to this private school. This AP report discloses that Alabama has been providing some funding to Lyman Ward since 1914. Clearly the Senator has done nothing here that violates the ethics rules, and seriously it is a trivial amount, especially when compared to others up on Goat Hill cashing in.

However, I'm not sure about the State of Alabama funding a private institution. I'm aware that $250,000 is not that much in the budget yet it adds up. Most importantly, I know there are plenty of other organizations here in Alabama doing far more good the Lyman Ward that could surely use 250K per year. I understand LWMA is a non-profit effort yet the serious tuition paid by these parents, plus endowments and the like, ought to be what pays their bills. Peace ... or War!

UPDATE - April 5, 2007 - Mitch Sneed's reporting in today's Opelika-Auburn News is solid. He shares the fact that Lyman Ward gets more per pupil from the state than does Auburn or Opelika schools. Senator Little is solid in his reasoning that Camp Hill needs all the help she can get. I wish we could get to the bottom of things this quickly in some other areas. Tip of the tam to both the press and Senator Little for both doing their job.

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