Sunday, April 08, 2007

So can George W. Bush still stand himself?

I'm figuring he remains perfectly comfortable, yet expect it is more about innate arrogance and being surrounded by enablers. Maybe if there's really any "faith" then the idea of being persecuted appeals to Dubyah? I can't wait for the histories to be written yet want 2009 to get here with the least amount of damage possible. Let he and his limp along and we'll figure out just how flawed this administration was later on when he's back in Crawford.

The reason I ask is from my visiting this old Molly Ivins piece where she describes a Texas solution for curing a chicken killing dog. She suggested just wire a dead chicken to the dog and let it rot to the point where "the dog won't be able to stand himself." The late great Molly was talking to Progressives in mourning (I'm still there!) over the 2004 election telling us ...
The Bush administration is going to be wired around the neck of the American people for four more years, long enough for the stench to sicken everybody. It should cure the country of electing Republicans.

Molly's soothing rant was worked off of by Bob Davis in my local Anniston Star (even if he went with the more family rated wire the dead chicken to the cage version) where he rolled off an impressive list of Bu$hCo/GOP rotting chickens in his "The smell of scandals". There's however a caveat to thinking that future voters can really smell the rotting chickens in his close where he writes:
And let's not forget a virtual war on the press corps and the public's right to know, as more and more of what was once done in the open has been pulled behind a curtain and truth-tellers are demonized and hounded by prosecutors.

I have been ready for some oversight and still hope for some of the "journalist" cocktail set to grow a set or at least get the hell out of the way to allow some of the serious reporters to do their jobs. Great column and a reminder of how lucky I feel to have this paper as "my" local paper. I was not aware that Bob Davis worked with Molly Ivins. What a honor. Peace ... or War!

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