Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Boy King Breaks One Off In Congress

The image is from when George Bush was the Governor of Texas, not much more than a figurehead in their system. Ever the towel snapping frat boy, Dubyah was joking around with his staff according to my recollection.

Today we learn that Bu$hCo has used recess appointments to install St. Louis moneyman Sam Fox, one of those funding the Swift Boat Liars, as the Ambassador to Belgium plus privatization advocate Andrew Biggs in as a Deputy Director of the Social Security Administration. For more info on the Swift Boaters drop by here. For more on Sam Fox and sons try here. For more on Andrew Biggs go here.

Seems to me to be a very dangerous move to give the finger to Congress. If I were advising him, I'd try to tell him to play nice. However, I'm rather pleased he's showing his tendency to act like the spoiled boy that he is. Fussing, pouting, holding his breath ... go for it King George. The gig's up soon. If President Bush wants to demonstrate his willingness to work with a new Congress this is hardly a good way to accomplish the same. If he want to play hardball, and I figure the handlers figure that's the only way to get this poorly prepared and wrong tempered man through their/our long nightmare, then I expect Democratic leaders to meet him halfway. No need to act ugly but certainly keep up the pressure. Oversight is here yet it is going to get especially hot and heavy the more King George shows no willingness, much less capacity, to work with Congress.

Worst administration ever. Peace .. or War!

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