Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ Walking Wendell Mitchell

David White of the B'ham News reports "Senate panel rewrites PAC bill" in today's paper. That half-wit "Covenant for the Future" that certain leaders of the Alabama Democratic Party pushed last year was essentially foolishness and pandering yet the PAC to PAC ban was a promise that needed keeping. Of course much of the GOP's efforts on banning, or at least controlling via full disclosures, PAC to PAC transfers has been equally talk not walk. Is it third party time?

Certainly Walking Wendell wasn't the only one up on Goat Hill involved in this travesty yet he chairs the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that voted 10-0 to allow PAC money to still flow into various political party operations. After a 103-0 vote in the House to have you and yours pull this stunt gives you Outlander status that is well earned. Peace ... or War!

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