Friday, April 06, 2007

Outlanders of the Day ~ The Alabama Senate

Bob Lowery of the Huntsville Times gives us a solid examination of the Alabama Senate's partisan feuding" yet WSFA's Helen Hammons' "As the Alabama Senate Stops" Show Continues or 'Groundhog Day' Returns" is especially entertaining. Read it and weep.

The "playful banter" needs to stop and the work needs to begin. Quit pouting and do the job!

Also, not everybody in the Senate ought to be labeled an Outlander. Some are ready and willing to work. I expect if some new blood was in charge there would be some progress. Finally, there aren't that many "Democrats" down in Montgomery and I'm thinking those few aren't the problem. Those Alabama Democrats that are part of holding things up seem to be those that most often practice Republican Lite.

Both factions have some blame here yet this foolishness is only hurting our state. Peace ... or War!

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