Thursday, April 05, 2007

Alabama's High End Beer Bill Is Still Alive!

Since my family members nearly stroke out when I scold Bu$hCo and other right wing "thinking" in the form of Letters to the Editor (or merely explaining to my "home church" why I'll no longer attend) I expect I'll need to pass on dropping anything in my local paper about the devil's drink. Posting, where folks have to come looking and there is some measure of anonymity, is another matter. Thanks to a little more digging, I now realize HB 195, the Gourmet Beer Bill, is still alive. Over in the Senate, SB 128 is also pending. Here's hoping we can get merely a reasonable examination of the legislation. After Richard Laird and DuWayne Bridges behaved so stupidly, we've got a good shot at shall we say the more sophisticated set.

My Representative Richard Laird has shown his ignorance so I'll not waste a call. I'll be calling or mailing Senator Benefield however. If you are here in Alabama, all five of you that visit, if you can take time to call your folks on Goat Hill, I'd surely appreciate. However, if you've only got one call in you then please burn it on Constitutional Reform. "Save the Ales!" gets trumped by saving the state. I'll argue protecting our kids requires a new constitution Representative Laird. You and I both know you're more about protecting the Big Mules. Banks, ALFA, Alabama Power ... have you nailed down where it counts so they'll let you get all Christianist on matters like this trivia. Talk about morality when you support immediate and total reform of the 1901 Constitution Sir!

When Alabama's own ABC stores sells everything from grain alcohol to Mad Dog 20/20, plus even has an Official State Spirit (the wonderful Conecuh Ridge brand that I personally can vouch for), there's simply no reason for not voting for this legislation. The only reason would be perhaps fearing the Bible thumpers but there's hope there even. Even a hardshell Baptist will agree high end beer ought to be available for legal purchase by adults once they learn the facts.

Free the Hops Alabama. Peace ... or War!

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