Monday, April 02, 2007

A blast from the past answers "Why do I blog?"

Yesterday I was cleaning out some old files, from a teaching job I left two years ago. I found David Sirota's The Democrat's Da Vinci Code. In those days of shock, regret, and anger after the Kerry defeat, I had printed off this piece. I read it over and over as a way to try to get past Bu$hCo staying put. I shared an email and link with some of my few lefty friends since I though so much of what David wrote made perfect sense plus it gave us a way to look forward.

I also shared with my Bu$h loving buddy there at that school. She and I had a running friendly feud so I thought she might appreciate. Not sure she read from start to end, since like her hero she's not much for reading and details, yet I do recall her saying it made some sense to her ... and then getting in another body blow. Heifer!

So why do if blog? My blog lets folks come to me. "Build it, and they will come." might apply? I have had a few visitors from Europe and Asia and Canada and ... which is real exciting for this country boy. Not much traffic and yet I get to suggest a point of view, inform, share, encourage, lament, weep and gnash my teeth, encourage, scold ... without spamming friends with an email. The blogging is also a creative release. I told several folks I worked with in the fall on that Congressional campaign that I felt so uninformed during that period. Being so busy was the main cause yet the process of posting requires one to seek out information.

And about that seeking ... David Sirota's been a real treasure for me. His Hostile Takeover angle is one of my favorite ways of looking at how government, especially but not exclusively the GOP's version of government, frequently lets regular folks down while almost always taking care of the Big Mules.. I've linked to him often and there are also other super sharp thinkers/writers that I regularly read. I'm so much more informed and aware now. Seek and you shall find?

So why do I blog? Mostly because it makes me a better person. I also appreciate the feedback, excepting of course when my family is displeased and I thus wind up in their collective doghouse. Peace ... or War!

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