Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reckon what Wall Street and the "Military-Industrial Complex" Thinks about 2008?

I once claimed to be a "Propservralist" in that includes Progressive, Populist, Conservative, Liberal, and Pragmatist. George Lakoff writes of bi-conceptuals but maybe I'm a quin-conceptual? Perhaps any poor Southern boy is attracted toward Populism and I'm in that frame with this post.

I am inspired by David Sirota's HuffPo post yet will send you to this Politico piece on Hillary Clinton's Wall Street/Hamilton Project connections and this Chicago Independent Media piece on Barack Obama's Crown Dynasty/General Dynamics connections. I report ... you decide?

Seriously, I'm enough of a pragmatist to say that I'd accept Hillary's connections before Obama's. While in the Robert Rumble during the Clinton years I was on the side of Reich rather than Rubin, I'll take Hillary over any GOP candidate. Still, I'm holding out for John Edwards in the current crop as I truly think he's our last best hope. I want Barack Obama to get a little more seasoned but the above angle also gives me concerns.

As David lamented, with a better media we'd be hearing about where the candidate's first quarter money was coming from rather than just hearing about the horse race. Having the respective candidates positions explained would of course be another grand idea. I'll not hold my breath. Peace ... or War!

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