Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dr. Bob Terry Laments Lack of Faith in France

Dr. Bob Terry appears in today's Alabama Baptist with "Thoughts: A Religious Heritage Is Not Enough" where he offers up an opinion that the cheese eating surrender monkeys in France, for the record neither his description or mine beyond an effort to be clever, need to get them some Old Time Religion. Thanks to my time in the Bohannon Death March through Early Modern Europe I immediately thought of reasons why Pierre might be a little nervous about faith.

The above image is an effort to describe the St. Bartholomew's Massacre on August 24, 1572. I'll not bother with links as a person can use the Google if they are interested. The Wars of Religion, Thirty Years War, ... were mostly about various groups using the faithful to get or maintain power (damned if that doesn't resonate!) so maybe the French simply wised up. I'm thinking they don't need a fundamentalist from Alabama scolding them. Many Europeans, and apparently a good number of Republicans, simply think you true believers are nuts.

As an aside, Baby Plaid is being baptized this Easter weekend. I'll not attend, as at that church as I'd find not just one but two ex-wives, yet I'll be thinking of him, mostly as relates to the symbolism of the ritual. I've talked to him some about his faith and yet one day I figure we'll be able to share our respective thoughts more completely. I'll hope to not make the mistakes of claiming the truth, or even worse not engaging his ideas, as I'd argue most of my family has often done. I also hope he and I can visit France and the balance of Europe one day. Ought to make for some good conversations.

Vivre et laisser vivre. Paix ... ou Guerre!

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