Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mitt Romney and Bu$hCo - Sweet Home Alabama

With Dead Eye Dick in Alabama yesterday raising money for Jeff Sessions while talking up George Bush and after pondering Mitt Romney's massive fundraising for the first quarter I realized something that George and Mitt have in common. It's Alabama. Gosh, this is almost as big an honor as having Jeff Sessions as one of my Senators!

Dubyah used Alabama to safely spend some of the Vietnam War at The Diplomat (an old watering hole down the Atlanta Highway south of Montgomery where lots of the politicos used to hang out) and Massachusetts Mitt used Alabama to launder money in an end run around current campaign finance laws. Mr. Romney also found Michigan and Iowa useful for their lax campaign disclosure laws in the period before he fell under federal limitations but I don't think Dubyah went MIA in either of those states like he did down here.

Both of these righteous Republicans have found Alabama a rather "sweet home" for various ways of ... shall we describe it as "manipulating" the system. "Does your conscience bother you?" Peace ... or War!

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