Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So why do we have a "Fox-in-the-Henhouse Gov't"?

The WaPo's Ruth Marcus answers our question with a solid examination of some of Bu$hCo's purely or primarily political appointments. A great reminder of how Bu$hCo routinely puts people in position where truly we've got the foxes guarding the henhouse. She closes with:

It's wrong to paint with too broad a brush here: Most administration officials are decent, honest and hardworking; the Clinton administration, like others before it, had its share of scoundrels and hacks. But there is something in the "loyal Bushies" mind-set of this administration and its fundamental scorn for government that contributes to this arrogant misbehavior.

If your faith is more in the operations of the private sector than in the capacity of government, if you have scant commitment to the laws you are pledged to enforce, if you see government less as a trust to be administered than a force to be used for the benefit of political and ideological allies, then this kind of behavior is the inevitable result.

In short, if you identify so completely with the foxes, it's no wonder that you end up with a henhouse that is so thoroughly, tragically trashed.

Truly the next administration will be critical in restoring some measure of competency and yet that begins with ideology I'd suggest. The conservative view that "government is the problem" is perhaps an invitation for folks like Karl Rove and other operatives to use government for their own ends. The time is long overdue for a proud Progressive occupying our White House. Peace ... or War!

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