Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter - An Insult to Run Over Dogs!

Sorry for being out of pocket for a few days. The primary (my girls won!) and family distress over something I wrote (which they apparently didn't bother reading completely before summoning a conclave) knocked me off stride. I've already posted on Ann Coulter being "Crazy as a Run Over Dog" yet her "discussion" with Matt Lauer, hardly a hard hitting journalist, on the Today Show earlier this week was beyond belief. Was she still hammered at this early morning booking? Or just hungover? Little black dress for a morning show? Watch the clip as provided by Crooks and Liars and you'll see the lunacy. Keith Olbermann agrees. Taylor Marsh via FireDogLake send us to some rather revealing comments by Ann's fans. I'm not really sure she is the Republican Party yet they use her to reach some of their bizarre base at a minimum. That is bad enough yet there is creep to even some of the more sane people with her appearing so often in seeminly legitimate forums. That she's making a living shilling this trash is amazing yet not so much as the fact the mainstream media continues to give her a forum. Peace ... or War!

UPDATE - Crooks and Liars has a response from some of the 9-11 widows that Ann Coulter claimed were enjoying their husbands' deaths. Ms. Coulter and the Reich Wing brownshirts can't seem to engage these concerns this group is pointing out so they'll swift boat anybody that threatens their lack of reality.

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