Wednesday, April 02, 2008

James Inhofe ~ Damn those polar bear hippies

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe has been tackled here before yet after his effort in today's Senate Environment and Public Works Committee deserves another look. Bu$hCo's rather brand new Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne failed to attend despite being summoned yet he send a letter promising "careful deliberation" on the polar bears' plight. Given his dreadful scores from The League of Conservation Voters plus just the fact he was willing to take a slot with Bu$hCo we know how that deliberation will turn out. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Noonish on March 5, 2008 - Glenn Beck interviews James Inhofe. They lead with the argument that numbers are increasing yet ignore the fact that this particular right wing lie depends on looking at various groups and locations and/or an interest group "study" rather than the species as a whole. That study commissioned by the Inuit-dominated government of Nunavit is giving the right wingers some cover I regret. This WaPo Polar Bear Population Seen Declining seems to consider the long view rather than selective numbers. Here's NPR's Polar Bear Population Struggles as Sea Ice Melts.

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