Thursday, March 29, 2007

Update on B'ham Pastor Rick Ousley Affair(s)

I posted on "Pastor" Rick Ousley recently yet by clicking through a comment located a Birmingham Blues post that is a gem. This post presently has 403 comments on the Ousley outing(s). "What a tangled web" applies and also this provides a nice view into the way different folks and faith foundations tend to look at this situation. Also, there are some serious accusations that Mr. Ousley has been an especially naught boy. Please note that I don't vouch for any of what is being claimed. I think Mr. Ousley has admitted to some indiscretions yet the gist of the post is that there may in fact be a good bit more to the story. As I've previously said, I am surely in no position to cast stones. I'm somewhat of an apostate, at least a "recovering Southern Baptist", but do think it legit to examine the situation. In perhaps some limited way there's a little shadenfreude here but when you consider the hurt and harm to his family (presumably pictured above yet appropriately blurred if in fact that is the Ousley brood) and/or flock it tends to fade quickly. Looks like Reverend Rick has let a lot of folks down. Peace ... or War!
UPDATE - Hat tip is surely due to Fullcourt as I truly sinned by snatching his/her image. Guess it is the Ousley family indeed. I thought Fullcourt was fighting modernism but apparently he/she is pretty handy with the graphics tools. Blessed are the geek for they shall inherit the mirth?
UPDATE - April 4, 2007. Fullcourt tells us that something seems fishy about comments on Birmingham Blues from various folks come from the same IP address. Maybe it is an AOL related issue? Perhaps these people are sharing the same computer? It seems fair to this heathen that the additional allegations made against Pastor Ousley be at least carefully considered and better yet simply ignored. While I've always heard "Your sins will find you out!", having the finding done via one IP addy seems a bit much. Good lesson about not just straight out accepting without question what you read, this being true for some content on the intertubes especially. Then again, I might suggest the same thing about some portions of the Bible.

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