Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Giggling, vapid, petty, pompous, shallow ...

Glenn Greenwald simply destroys Tweety and his four "journalists" from this past Sunday. The YouTube clip is offered with a warning. Noron has long been notorious yet Richard Stengel of Time, Gloria Borger of CBS/US News, and Patrick Healy of the NY Times are now noted. Glenn, in part, writes

Here are several of our media elites from our nation's most influential journalistic outlets -- including from Time, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, and NBC News -- all sitting around on the Chris Matthews Show giggling for three and a half minutes straight about the silly U.S. attorneys scandal. The whole thing is just a fun game for them, and it's absurd to them that anyone could take things like this seriously.

There are updates and a link to a new post that are also worth visiting. This is a huge post yet worth the work. Over at Kos and building off Glenn's work, Hunter gives these four (and pretty much the whole pundit set) unmitigated hell with Seeking A Grand Unified Theory of Wankery; The Rise of the Booboisie.

These are grand postings and a reminder of why good bloggers are often far superior than the DC pundits that claim superiority over the smelly bloggers. Peace ... or War!

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