Friday, March 23, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ Tony Snow

Harry Smith of CBS tied up with Tony "The Snowman" Snow just yesterday. It was refreshing to see somebody getting grilled like seemed to happen rather often way back in the day. Crooks and Liars serves up the clip and a summary plus gives us some links to others that are equally solid. After Tony worked for Faux News, before he officially got on the Bu$hCo payroll as Press Secretary, that he'd accuse Harry of being "partisan" is especially rich. E.J. Dionne writes on the irony of these flip floppers howling "executive privilege" now, plus reminds us of the requirement that this White House and DOJ do some 'splaining about the many legitimate concerns that we just know about now, with his I Was Against Presidential Privilege Before I Was For It work that I located at TruthDig. Peace ... or War!

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