Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Run Ron Run!

Swing State Project is talking up Alabama Agriculture and Industry Commissioner Ron Sparks against Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III in 2008. Also, if Senator Shelby steps down in 2010, Mr. Sparks would perhaps be better situated than others from having run in 2008. I agree that Bob Riley will likely wind up running for Shelby's seat eventually. Kos picked up on the story as well.

Wonder if Ron would continue Jeffy's tradition of wanting hotties on his staff? I've posted on Sessions so many time that the effort to link to various atrocities would take forever yet the bottom line is that he's a Bu$hCo apologist with the personality and talent of a bucket of spit. How he continues to be elected is a mystery to me.

Ron Sparks can serve up some genuine populism that would give him a serious shot in Alabama. If the damned consultants don't Dino him to death I really expect he could take old Jeffy out. Run Ron Run! Peace ... or War!

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