Saturday, March 24, 2007

72% of Alabama Citizens Trust Faux News

I've been thinking about Mark Mellman's take on Fox News that recently appeared in The Hill yet to see via David White's reporting in the Bham News offering that Alabama citizens have the Fox Noise Channel ranked as relatively "trustworthy" confirms much I fear about the average citizen here in the heart of Dixie. Baaahhhhhh? At least confidence in the Christian Coalition is falling. I found it ironic that national corporations have been backing up in these measures as well. So why do we keep electing corporatists? Could it be that we are distracted by the militarism? No surprise here as Alabama clearly remains a very martial state. Could it be all the Scots that settled here? Senator Jim Webb's Born to Fight makes a persuasive argument that we Scots lean toward being scrappers. Surely one large reason that Alabama keeps electing corporatist and so many ding dongs is the GOP garbage that is unashamedly shilled by Faux News (and other sources here in Alabama) and yet I suppose that we sheep can only blame ourselves. Peace ... or War!

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