Thursday, March 22, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ James Inhofe

To have Alabama's Jefferson Beauregard Sesssions III compare favorably with this rascal says much. I knew a little about James Mountain Inhofe before yet his behavior with Al Gore provided a reason to study up on the Senator.

The labeling of Inhofe as "petulant adolescent" for his recent performance is accurate. A proud heterosexual patriarch, this fundamentalist needed reminding by Barbara Boxer that he's no longer the Chair of this Senate Committee. Elections do have consequences! He's been a torture apologist yet no fan of the Red Cross and other "humanitarian do-gooders".

In Big Energy's pocket for years, his routine with Gore was perhaps a way to show the Fat Cats they were getting their money's worth. He surely gave them a good turn on his last day holding the gavel. Inhofe has described global warming as the second largest hoax, with the separation of church and state being number one, played on the American public. Since his insurance company failed, under some questionable circumstances according to some things I've read, he apparently no longer reads insurance industry warnings about the threats faced by global warming. The Prospect's Chris Mooney gives us a good look at Inhofe's standard routine of advocating for "sound science".

This guy has parallels with Jeff Sessions in that Oklahoma and Alabama ought to be able to find some better talent than either. Unfortunately, both states have a decent sized population of citizens that might very want this type of Senator in DC. It's a darned shame as both of these high poverty states need all the help they can get. Peace ... or War!

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