Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ Monica Goodling

Ron Hutchenson's McLatchy reporting reveals Monica Goodling's undergraduate is from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania and her JD is from Pat Robertson's Regent University so obviously she's perfectly qualified for the Bu$hCo team.. However, I'm not so sure she's able to take the 5th under these circumstances. Christy Hardin Smith's post at FireDogLake sums up the situation yet the best portion of her always outstanding work is the reasoning out of what all is going on here.

This DOJ White House liaison having such a solid evangelical foundation reminded me of an email from a niece all the way back at the start of the Bu$h administration. This was probably in 2001 yet I think it was before 9-11. Something about how blessed our nation was to have such a Godly man in the White House. After the Clenis I know many "decent people" were relying on Bu$h to restore dignity to the Presidency. Although I was only at the strong dislike stage of Dubyah way back then I recall nearly firing off a missive as a reply. Although it's a rare occurrence, discretion won out. Since I could now say "I told you so!" I rather wish I'd sent that reply. Peace ... or War!

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