Thursday, March 29, 2007

Regent Law Students Enjoy Ice Cream plus Praise & Worship with Professor Ashcroft

Since I knew you'd be jealous of the fifty plus Regent Law students lucky enough to spend an evening with one of the "great men of our age", I'll give you John Ashcroft's greatest hit "Let the Eagle Soar" in the above YouTube clip. Unfortunately, I can't send ice cream through the internets since the tubes melt the stuff. Nor could I find a clip of John pounding his piano. The kids got "Great is They Faithfulness" yet I'd think surely this bunch required the obligatory "Onward Christian Soldiers". If civil liberties (do they teach at least some of those at Regent?) came up that evening I can imagine the "distinguished professor" immediately breaking into "I Surrender All." Any other Gospel song they'd just have to sing? Also, you know this group had vanilla yet any other flavors that might apply? Given how it's going for Regent grads right now I think Rocky Road would be appropriate for the next event. Peace ... or War!

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