Monday, October 13, 2008

Professor Malcolm Cutchins is a mystery

I've mentioned Dr. Cutchins' columns in The Opelika-Auburn News several times in just the last few months. His recent Malcolm Cutchins: Obama lacks qualifications for presidency is illustrative. Let's take his column on as he writes it.

The Weekly Standard is a Rupert Murdoch creation that has little to offer as to journalism. Bought and paid for yet haven't the neo-conservatives (especially William Kristol) run their course given these last few years?

I suppose Defense Secretary Robert Gates concerns over civilian deaths from air raids in Afghanistan make him unqualified as well?

Obama misstates "bomb" rather than "bombs" and you're ready to say he's unqualified. And your candidate can't get his Shiite straight again and again and ...? And what about Mc$ame's recent "my fellow prisoners" gaffe?

As for Obama's "well documented relationship" with William Ayers, would St. John's support "by a family who funded a foundation that hired (the same) ... domestic terrorist" disqualify him? Additionally, the fact that Team McCain-Palin is stretching or even flat out lying seems problematic to me.

Sarah Palin claims Senator Obama pals around with terrorists. I call BS! She's a disaster even in the role as attack dog.

As for Obama's "significant involvement with ACORN", that would hardly be troubling for me yet it is just not so.

Dr, Cutchins' claim of "biased media defenses" is all too typical wingnuttery. Corporations and the rather well funded pretty much own the media don't they?

Dr. Cutchins is surely slipping to suggest "To say he’s going to 'eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses' shows poor understanding of small businesses (they don’t pay capital gains taxes)." The Obama-Biden plan is actually to "eliminate all capital gains taxes on start-up and small businesses to encourage innovation and job creation." The break goes to those who invest in the small business not the small business ya goober! I'm not so sure the venture capitalists need the gift yet who exactly is lacking in understanding Doc?

Also, if Senator Obama is wrong to suggest he can give a tax break to 95% of Americans isn't St. John Mc$ame even more wrong to suggest he can keep the Bu$h tax cuts and then balance the budget merely by tackling earmarks?

I've covered Dr. Alveda King previously but I'd missed the work of Pastor Clenard Howard Childress, Jr. and Day Gardner's National Black Pro-Life Union.

Changing the logo on a plane chartered by one's campaign is the best you've got? The American flag still appears on the plane, like that matters I guess. This speaks loudly yet only as to your foolishness. Hell, John McCain's plane 'aint got no flag! And it's French!

Dr. C writes, "Voters have to decide if we are going to become a more socialistic country with astronomical taxes or begin a return to a more Constitutionally based republic." Huh?

I'd have perhaps also omitted the name of noted neo-conservative Joshua Muravchik in your rant. Read the whole of Muravchik's AEI piece and see if perhaps Senator Obama didn't get far more right than even the dashing Dr. Cutchins could spin. Additionally, Commentary Magazine is but one of several neo-conservative projects Norman Podhoretz plus now his and Midge Decter's spawn J-Pod share with the public.

Although unclear if known by Dr. Cutchins, Joshua Muravchik is the author of the Commentary piece relied on by Dr. Cutchins.

I especially love the part where he writes on Dr. Ayers' book A Kind and Just Parent "which Obama blurbed as 'a searing and timely account.'" Even World Nut Daily reported that then State Senator Obama "was asked what he was reading by The Chicago Tribune. He praised a book by Ayers, (as a) 'a searing and timely account of the juvenile court system.'"

Dr. Cutchins, I'll not put you in the Crazy as a Run Over Dog society where you'll join Whacky Tacky Tom Parker and Ann Coulter and Cynthia McKinney and ... but it is a mystery to me why he believes as he does. John Gunn

UPDATE - 03 November 2009 - I made some slight changes in the image and language in the original post at the polite request of Dr. Cutchins. I regret any discomfort my wild writing may have caused him. He's no longer writing a column in the O-A News. I wish he and his the best plus commend him for roughly fifteen years of sharing his ideas publicly.

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