Saturday, October 18, 2008

Malcolm Cutchins and I disagree once again

In a relatively recent post, I expressed that I disagreed with Professor Malcolm Cutchins. Another recent post related to him was Is this from an emeritus professor of engineering? I am hesitant to continue to confront this fellow given his age and academic background. I also expect I couldn't disabuse him of his notions. However, he and the Opelika-Auburn News are publishing his columns. So his ideas were/are fair game.

Dr. Cutchins latest is Some spoil name of voter registration where a comment from "getreal" follows:

The guy who writes this column is very confusing. He’ll take a valid point like voter registration fraud but then draw the strangest conclusions. I can never tell if he’s a serious writer or a comedic writer. Either way, he’s always worth a good chuckle!
I certainly don't think he's trying to be comedic. His conclusions are less useful when Dr. Cutchins tends toward being a stenographer for the vast right wing message machine. Let's take his piece on as he wrote it yet I'll not use the many, many quotes that Dr. Cutchins uses.

As for ACORN, I've covered that organization. Certainly voter fraud is a perfectly legitimate concern. However, I personally think electronic voting machines, electoral college reform, restoration of rights for most of those who've paid the debts to society, and ... are equally significant concerns.

I'll offer that the right is seemingly obsessed with "voter fraud". I wonder why? For further background I recommend The Brennan Center's recent reports on purging and disenfranchisement. As for understanding "vote caging", a favorite tactic of the right is getting vothers dropped from the rolls. SourceWatch provides a good jumping off point for grasping this latest trick.

And wasn't the majority of the DOJ scandal relating to Bu$hCo pushing them to, and then canning them if they didn't, bring "voter fraud" suits? Evidence be damned!

We then see that Dr. Cutchins can't spell Victor Davis Hanson (o rather than e there Doc) plus then learn that Professor Hanson apparently didn't bother doing his research. That nasty burden isn't seemingly rewarded as I'd like to think it once was. (I can't help but note that Dr. Hanson is now affiliated with Hillsdale College. Is he earning his keep? I posted on that scrappy little school where Conservatism flourishes in commenting on an O-A News LTE from S. Fred Singer.) Dr. Cutchins cited VDH's writing, “There are simply too many ACORNs, Ayers, Khalidis, Pflegers, Wrights, et al. not to suggest a pattern unbecoming of a future president of the U.S. Obama’s past ..."

You'd think either academic would be able to learn the few "connections" that follow:

Senator Obama and others from the law firm he worked with represented ACORN in a lawsuit where ACORN was asking the Courts to force the State of Illinois to implement the federal "motor voter" registration law. ACORN's effort was joined with the U.S. Department of Justice, the League of Women Voters of Illinois, and the League of United Latin American Citizens. He could have taken a job with pretty much any firm given his status at Harvard and yet he chose to go back to Chicago and join the fray. Stones! And "money was never his first priority!" Be still my heart!

Obama's awesomeness led ACORN to ask him to do some limited "training" for them. He was gracious enough to oblige.

I continue to be amazed on how the right wing message machine works. The Weekly Standard's Brian Faughnan generates a link yet the "paper" they send you to is The Cleveland Leader rather than The Cleveland Plain Dealer. There's a difference dude!

Other have covered the Reverends Wright and Pfleger plus William Ayer's "connections" more adequately and if you're lost just use The Google. I suppose Dr. Cutchins and VDH thought simply saying an Arabic name was sufficient but what exactly is the trouble with Rashid Khalidi's scholarship?

Dr. Cutchins then shares "wisdom" from the neo-conservative, Rupert Murdoch owned, and William Kristol and Fred Barnes edited Weekly Standard. Dr. Cutchins considers them the "best resource for ..." yet Fred Barnes and especially William "Wrong Again" Kristol deliver more baloney than even the sound bites and campaign ads.

Given my hope to find the good in most, I'd like to think Dr. Cutchins is wandering about like us all. Still, he surely is certain of his understandings. And he gets regular ink. John Gunn

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