Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in the saddle and here's API shilling slop

I'm back for less than half an hour and I find this? John R. Graham, Director of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, is pictured to the left. I've mentioned the shilling of Pacific Research Institute previously yet that related to "tort reform". Mr. Grant has teamed up with Michael Ciamarra, vice president of the Alabama Policy Institute, to get ink in today's Anniston Star to write A winning diagnosis. Working off Mr. Graham's 2008 Index of Health Care Ownership, 2nd Edition, Alabama is praised for having a health care system that doesn't burden insurance companies with "onerous intervention by the government" yet slightly scolded for not allowing nurse practitioners to hand out pills.

Is this a first salvo in the upcoming health care reform battle? Given the economic troubles we have, I fear even the limited progress put forth by Team Obama will have to be scaled back. Not taking anything for chance, Graham and Ciamarri are likely but two ready for the task of pushing back against the silliness of solution rather than settling. Then again, they've been in the tank for many years. I love how these two right wing warriors cite the work of The Council for Affordable Health Insurance with no shame. CAHI is an industry group of course with a name that makes them seem relatively legit. Do they not know of The Google?

I also noted the 2008 Index of Health Care Ownership had a forward from Dr. Glenn Hubbard. Heck of a job Glennie! Hope that Met Life work pays off for you. An American Enterprise Institute connection? I'm shocked, shocked!

I, hair challenged for many years, can't help but note Graham and Cimarri have hair. And remarkably similar photographers.

Wingnut welfare continues to provide sustenance to all sorts of talent. For folks loving the magic of the markets the right wingers surely seem to love to subsidize their "thinkers". John Gunn

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