Sunday, October 19, 2008

Paying for college is getting tougher yet Auburn now has a chance to help Danielle Price

Nancy Trejos of the WaPo reports The Strain to Pay for College: Loans Are Drying Up and Savings Are Down. Miss Danielle Price has had to back off from John Hopkins and Emory yet she's seeking a scholarship to Auburn University. War Eagle! Neither has Toomer's Corner plus our football team will get better Danielle. UVA and others might be an option for Danielle but I'll hope to see her down on the Plains.

It's a shame so many student like Danielle are struggling for solutions. I recall the pain of paying for classes as tuition rates soared once the Reign of Error began. Heck of a job Bu$hCo!

The higher education plans of Obama-Biden and Mc$ame-Palin are worthy of links. Grampy's plan isn't all bad yet you'll still find the same old right wing focus on the following:

The answer is not to impose more regulations on institutions, but to encourage the government to support innovative approaches to education, removing regulatory barriers that prevent us from moving forward with new ideas. ... too many programs ... leveraging the private sector ...

Governing with those attitudes and approaches seems rather difficult to this Progressive. I don't reject even some of these beliefs yet my postition begins with the faith that government can deliver effective programs, leadership, coordination, incentives, etc. The modern GOP so often gets wrapped up in market solutions, deregulation, privatization, and the like.

The portion of Mc$ame's plan on providing information to students so they can make informed choices seems like he'll be wanting to bring something like No Co-Ed Left Behind to college campuses. Since he and his will be Bu$hCo 2.0 it is no surprise that they already have that option on the table.

The idea of Huggy ending earmarks might scare the hell out of many college adminstrators/professors. I guarantee that plenty of academic efforts owe their existence to earmarking. I'm attracted to the construct of budgeting reform yet I'm not so sure how realistic it is to take earmarking away. Earmarks allow a politican that might be in the minority, or even in the doghouse with his own leadership, to work around those barriers to fund efforts of the folks back home. Opening up the books and the process might be more effective than Grampy trying to convince the voters he'll be the one that can eliminate earmarks.

That modern conservatism also can't seem to resist some crony capitalism along the way is also all to frequently observed.

Let's hope Danielle will get some help to make her an Auburn Tiger! John Gunn

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