Friday, October 03, 2008

Opportunity Lost? Or another crack at these folks?

In the New York Times Jackie Calmes reports With Election Near, a Populist Strain Tugs at the Republican Party. I'm not so certain about the following however:
... the Republican Party has evolved over the last generation as its base moved to the South after the civil-rights era into a party that is defined more by social conservatism than business issues. On the economy, it is increasingly populist. And populists do not favor bailouts of Wall Street. ..."
Huh? Perhaps this is partially correct and I'm getting wrapped around the labels? My real focus is considering if this is so. If it is, why the hell the Centrist Wienies let these votes get away is a mystery to me. They've tried GOP Lite so long that I guess "populist" voters can't tell the difference. Will this cycle provide a chance to get them back or will team Obama try to govern from the "middle"? If in fact the Republican Party is fractured, and I'll accept that it ought to be, for likely other reasons that cited by the Gray Lady, they will the Democratic Party "leaders" be ready to reel them in? If they'd put Russ and Bernie out front it wouldn't be that hard I'd argue! John Gunn

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