Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why indeed is "liberal" a bad word Miss Charlotte?

I'm surely a partisan yet I do try to give folks allegedly on my team a little grief along the way. Truly I'm worried that Senator Obama and certainly Senator Biden are far too tied to the corporations that seem to have such a hold on power. Even if true, I've already proudly voted for Obama-Biden, although I'd have preferred a more Progressive alternative.

Like Bill Maher, I'll be watching Tuskerlooser ... and Lee County. Since Alabama has gone against the grain in firming up her support for Mc$ame, I wonder why people feel the need to drop LTEs into the Opelika-Auburn News?

Drew White, a current or at least former AU College Republican Policy Director, who just can't wait to join the military, claims Democrats spin nation’s financial crisis against president. Drew is obviously comfortable with rhetoric yet perhaps not so solid on research. Franklin Raines has never been and certainly isn't now an Obama adviser.

And I'll hope Drew didn't major in Finance as I'd like to think anyone above the understanding of dittoheads knows neither Fannie or Freddie "offered loans and mortgages to" anyone. Adding his "wantonly" and "low-income" language isn't even necessary. I know Drew's letter preceded The Maestro's recent testimony yet even Alan Greenspan is accepting a good chunk of the blame.

While surely Freddie and Fannie have some responsibility for our current mess, anyone in the know can accept they courted favors on both sides of the aisle. Given the many from Team McCain, and to a lesser extent the Obama campaign, that were even recently working on behalf of these outfits I'd be careful throwing stones Drew. How about writing a letter on lobbying reform (which I think is mostly about disclosure, information, etc.) instead of just blaming one political party?

And the trouble with Saul Alinsky would be exactly what? Saul and others had the swells on the ropes way back in the day yet the right pushed back and we've gone downhill ever since. Watching History Unfold is a perfect title for Jared Bernstein's recent HuffPo post. What is next is the right question but seriously Drew's team has held the reins for far, far too long. My worry is that the DLC Centrist Weenies and Corporatists are where the swells will man the barricades yet we'll see.

Nicholas D. Davis of Auburn, presumably the one that's an emeritus professor in the Architecture Department at AU, argues Americans want the wrong kind of change in our government. It is rare to find a Bu$h backer these days yet Nicky "Double Down" Davis wants to lay the blame for the current meltdown on the 2006 elections where the GOP lost their total dominance up in DC. He writes, "George Bush has been in office for seven and a half years. The first six, the economy was fine." Fine? Perhaps this is so for the fat cats yet hardly for working Americans Professor. And you know Dubyah can veto don't you?

What is up with these academics down around Auburn? Dr. Malcolm Cutchins isn't the only one on the warpath is seems. There's more.

Although living out in Waverly and teaching down at Tuskegee, we also can read Professor John W. Bales. He and his have their Black Bear Camp and that's fine. I also appreciate some facets of Ayn Rand's objectivism but I trust he's a huge fan.

Still, for Professor Bales to suggest, "Our best hope is for the economy to crash so fast that there is no point in trying to save it. " seems rather severe. The New Dealer FDR saved capitalism in part because of fear of demagogues seizing power like that which occurred in Germany and beyond. His LTE titled Government and economy should be separated like church and state also has more faith than I that we do in fact have a separated church and state. I'd think Dr. Bales might appreciate that worry more than many.

Thank goodness for former Physics Professor Charlotte Ward. I think you did answer your own question Miss Charlotte. John Gunn

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