Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can we get just a little movement Progressivism?

I've mentioned the Political Compass previously. I fall along the G in Gravel for what that might matter. I've certainly mentioned Movement Conservatism as well where Richard Benhan described it as follows:
Movement Conservatism is a self-serving and socially malevolent cabal of mega-corporations, right-wing think tanks in Washington, their archconservative foundation benefactors, and an intricate nationwide network of linkages in the communications media, religion, higher education, and law. It has been called the "conservative labyrinth," and common to all its elements is a theology of "free markets," an ideology coming to full bloom in the Administration of George W. Bush. Today, the G.O.P. seeks to impose it at every turn.
The Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations is another solid source for understanding our political world these last few decades. Among these National Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups, perhaps none have exerted the influence of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. No post about AEI would be complete without reminding readers of their offering to pay big bucks to scientists willing to support their push back on climate change research.

A quote from Alex J. Pollock in today's WaPo reporting of David Cho, Binyamin Appelbaum and Zachary Goldfarb titled Bailout Expands to Insurers: Treasury to Take Stakes in Firms as Distress Spreads Beyond Banks seems like yet another big, fat one over the plate. He and his have been advocating policies that got us into this mess. And great talent you've got or had on foreign policy as well AEI.

I'll not dive off into economic policy beyond wondering why at least parts of the Democratic Party isn't taking on "conservatism" more forcefully. I know we/they want to win elections, certainly the big prize, and yet hearing Mc$ame and others hammer away at socialism and taxes and ... seems like a great opportunity to deliver some body blows.

We are in a mess. It is likely that AEI remains confused. The GOP is flailing about and Progressives may never have such a great opportunity. Run up the points. Crack some ribs. Teach them a lesson. TPM Cafe is serving up some great perspectives and I'm sure there are others. However, I seldom see folks allegedly on my team on the boob tube or in mainstream publications pushing back against the bedrock principles of the right wingers.

We have pretty much every candidate from 2007-2008, even Democrats, way over to the right. Don't we need to try to move at least the debate substantially to the left? John Gunn

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