Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank God for Ohio?

Above you'll find Ohio's Presidential election voting patterns in the recent past. I found GOP state House candidate in bar fight (Cliff Schecter's work was involved in getting the information out but the Ohio GOP isn't happy about the leaked police report) after reading Joe Blow's Living in "Redneck Central". I feel Joe's pain a little in his frustrations with certain family members but I'd advise him to just avoid talking politics with them. If and when an opportunity arises use humor and the light touch. I often want to flame stuff I hear (or merely suspect) from many of my Evangelical Christian family's politics but there's more harm than good that can come from that response. I generally just plod along and try to remain reasonably pleasant. I do however blog in part for the hope that if they wish to come here then I get to share my ideas. I know at times I offend them yet it is their choice to visit this site. They are good people but if I can turn them away from the dark side of modern conservatism then they'll be even better. John Gunn

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