Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm deservingly out of pocket for a few days

I'm back in Alabama this week. Those twelve (and often longer) hours days earned me some time off I suppose. I'll be posting little if any as I'll be with the Bride and the boy and the ... There's plenty to comment on and I'll stew on much. I worry The Bride may busier than we'd have liked given her being dragged into the inexcusable confusion over felon's restoration of voting rights.

This image isn't mine as I merely scavenged with the Google. It's another view of the Toomer's Corner area. The building houses Bodega, the saloon where the Bride's brother butters his bread.

While I'm home I'll do my part to make sure the devil's drink comes to Randolph County where my roots and registration still reside. Letter to the Editor are running more "dry" than "wet" in The Leader but I'm optimistic. And I'll pretty much be on the Left Coast where you can often buy liquor on Sunday in the grocery stores. Then again, if and when I deploy to Iraq I'll be conforming to Islamic traditions and without satiation. The irony is rich with all that "they hate us for our freedoms" language from the right wingers and yet back "home" this soldier can't buy a beer.

I'll also be voting for liberal Josh Segall. I also worked for the same "extremist" as young Josh. John Gunn

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