Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New understandings of Wayne Parker in AL-5

Wayne Parker was a lobbyist back in the late 1990s, mostly working on tax issues that were largely the realm of his father in law Bill Archer who coincidentally chaired the House Ways and Means Committee. Ben Evans of AP via the Montgomery Advertiser reports GOP candidate's lobbying criticized and all I can wonder is how I'd missed this information. The connections to Alabama are plentiful as the Harbert family (this is as good a time as any I suppose to cover Raymond Harbert's lusting for The Gray Lady) and Harold Apolinksy's American Family Business Institute are there. Larry Drummond of Jasper's Drummond Coal is also involved with that outfit.

AFPI claims, "The right to leave a legacy is a human right." Gary Palmer might agree but to use the "human rights" angle really bothers me. Surely "legacies" can be preserved with a little work from the heirs and some decent estate planning. These types seemingly want to return fully to the Gilded Age.

While I don't expect Parker Griffith to get all Progressive it would seem to me all of this is an opportunity. I for one think far more voters up in North Alabama are interested in the birth tax. I'll stack up the rights of the masses, especially our children, to live in a just, prosperous society against the ability of the swells to provide trust funds for their spawn any day. John Gunn

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