Friday, October 10, 2008

Judge Greg Shaw ~ He has the balls to be judge

Via MSNBC on Auburn's Charter I just saw the above ad from the Center for Individual Freedom for Judge Greg Shaw. The deep voice on the spot I think comes from the "Beef, It's What's for Dinner" efforts. Selling tasty meat is I guess just like buying a judicial seat. To do this via a death penalty plug is troubling for your humble blogger. Reckon Prince Troy King is stirred by such as ad?

CFIF is a big player for the right wingers efforts to take over that third branch yet I was surprised to see them involved in a state race. CFIF describes this as "public education" efforts. Perhaps Judge Paseur referencing Reagan in her ad forced them to join issue?

CFIF is beyond a touch bent with efforts to make sure John Bolton was there at the United Nations to "make certain the Battle of Armageddon isn't fought on American soil" plus the obligatory winger lamentations and lies about the UN. This outfit is but one of so many non-profits that the right uses to move the debate further and further right. I'd just as soon them not to have a friend on Alabama's Supreme Court. John Gunn

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