Monday, October 13, 2008

I once came close to working for ACORN

I once talked with an Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) leader down in Florida about coming down there and lending a hand. My recollection of our conversation is that they wanted to make a bigger push into the South and hoped I might come down to learn their system and then return "home" to labor. I abandoned the idea as simple economics made this then seem impossible. Again, the care and feeding of "young" lefty activists is surely a main area where my team fails.

Last week while back in Auburn I frequently listened to Mike Hubbard's WANI 1400 where I got a regular dose of Big Fat Idiot and Vanity Hannity and ... Fools they are! Lies, damned lies, and hate. I was cleaning out the bride's garage, and should a neighbor have heard me listening, I'd have felt compelled to explain that I was not a nut but merely doing oppo work.

A favorite target of the haters was ACORN. From blaming poor folks for the economic meltdown to setting up the idea that 2008 will be a stolen election rather that a repudiation of conservatism to ... , BFI and his type were in rare form. As for the accusations, I'll let ACORN share the truth.

The corporate shills, and I'll surely include Mike Hubbard in that mix, are well paid to do their work. I'll take little guys like ACORN in this battle each and every day. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ October 19, 2008 - NPR traces some of the funding of ACORN. I find it rather rich that big banking corporations are among the groups writing them rather large checks.

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