Friday, October 31, 2008

Boots on the ground ~ California Dreaming

One of my fetishes has to be green top boots. When I worked for Jerry McNerney's campaign in CA-11 in 2006 we had our volunteers' pictures placed on boots that Miss (not Mother) Mary crafted from some pretty paper. We had them on the wall all over our HQ. I'd walk around at the end of many hard days looking and thus being inspired by these amazing patriots. The theme was "kicking out the sell out" and surely Richard "Dirty Dick" Pombo deserved getting the boot.

One of my pleasures as Volunteer Coordinator was working with veterans of the 2004 Kerry Campaign. Folks from that area has headed over the Sierras to Nevada and beyond. The exporting of talent from California continues.

"My" troops were often battle hardened and easy to put to work. Building a Progressive Movement is hard, hard work but the return from boots on the ground is significant. Some of the Obama-Biden veterans will be ready for 2010 and beyond. Very exciting!

Alabama Progressives certainly don't need to give up here and yet traveling to Florida or Missouri or Virginia or ... is a way to perhaps tip a close election and also learn for the day when we have finally reached a point where a proud Progressive can compete. Then again, I'll submit Josh Segall is showing that day may be even now. As an aside, Artur "DLC" Davis should be ashamed. John Gunn

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