Friday, October 24, 2008

"We" hell Joe! I never elected Bu$hCo!

I regret not posting much as of late but I'm laboring twelve plus hours most work days. Known by some as The Old Prospector with my outfit, this Keyboard Commander is surely a tired and harried member of the Chairborne. I feel very useful and like to think I'm doing good for plenty of people and yet I am missing the time to read and write. Joseph L. Galloway of McClatchy Newspapers, surely one of the gems in the business, shares Republicans summon ugly old ghosts where he writes

After all, not only did we (with some help from the Supreme Court) elect George W. Bush our president, we also re-elected him to a second term. Fooled us twice, they think, so maybe the third time is charmed.

I surely never voted for Bu$hCo. And that makes me so very proud! John Gunn

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