Friday, October 31, 2008

The Dothan Eagle has a cure for America’s ills

Any regular reader knows I'm hardly a fan of The Clenis as he was far too Centrist for my taste. Still, there's no doubt he was better than we've had in decades. Daddy Bu$h was tolerable as he was not a loon but I digress. The Dothan Eagle told us today that we need "experience, level-headedness and, above all else, strength of character forged in the fires of strife." However, the most incredible claim is that, "The cure for America’s ills can only be found in a conservative administration." Huggy's campaign has been dreadful. He's been as erratic as a hog on ice. Loyal Bu$hies populate his team. St. John let Dr. Dobson make him bring Sarah Palin on his ticket. Even with all the above, I most want the Dothan Eagle, or anyone for that matter, to explain why conservatism is the only way to cure our ills. I of course beg to differ. John Gunn

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