Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bama Governor Bob Riley remains a stubborn ass

The B'ham News opines Alabama Gov. Bob Riley should order DNA tests for Tommy Arthur, who is scheduled to be executed July 31. They've done a good job in covering the illogical positions that Governor Riley has taken on the Tommy Arthur execution in the past. The B'ham News reliably supports the Governor and the GOP. They are viewed by many as leaning to the conservative side on nearly every issue.

I've posted on the Governor's stubborn stand several times but I'll share just this one link. I've also posted on how the legislature ought to also step up on crafting a law on DNA testing, like pretty much every other state now has, that could prevent a state sanctioned killing coming down to an Executive that is seemingly more interested in showing he is a manly man than a compassionate and cautious soul. Not in my name Bob! John Gunn

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