Thursday, July 31, 2008

What if John McCain is taking one for the team?

As Aides Map Aggressive Race, McCain Often Steers Off Course from the WaPo's Juliet Eilperin and Robert Barnes is a worthy read. I'm betting it is combination of age and attitude that makes St. John not content to parrot the line like Dubyah did in his campaigns. The GOP's frustration with Team McCain is indeed partly on doctrine yet it seems plenty just are content with "Just Win Baby!"

As for the title to the post, the question might be for which team he's doing the taking. Maybe he and his figure they are setting things up for 2012. Given the Reign of Error's damage, not to mention pretty much three decades of Republican Ruin, the next occupant of the White House does have a long row to hoe. The GOP will do what they can maybe to reduce the damage and perhaps pave the way for Mitt or Mike or ...

Another intriguing idea, and I'll 'fess up that I heard this on some radio clip I caught briefly yesterday morning, is that St. John is taking down the cabal that took him down in 2000. I surely think Al Gore would have been a much better President than St. John yet before he became Huggy Bear I do think he was at least somewhat The Maverick. Could he be thinking, "You nutjobs hosed me in 2000 by beating me with Shrub yet I'll get the last laugh! BWWAAAHHHH!"

Any thoughts? I am skeptical on St. John's taking one for the team as pretty much any long-time pol is ambitious enough to want the job. I'm not so uncertain on claiming that Team McCain's campaign does increasingly look dreadfully done. John Gunn

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