Sunday, July 06, 2008

Glenn Greenwald takes down Nancy Soderberg

I have no doubt Nancy Soderberg is a smart lady with plenty of good left to do. She's likely trying to remain in the game and perhaps that motivated her to drop an Op-Ed in the L.A. Times titled A good-enough spy law: The FISA bill isn't perfect, but it's a compromise that the Senate should accept. She's wrong however on much. Glenn Greenwald places her in the "political establishment" and possibly she is. I'm expecting Ms. Soderberg does want to get back in the mix after The Reign of Error ends. Whatever the reason for her shilling the centrist talking points, Glenn is dead on when he writes, "... the political establishment is not only about to pass a patently corrupt bill, but worse, are spouting -- on a very bipartisan basis -- completely deceitful claims to obscure what they're really doing." Amen! John Gunn

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