Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will J.R. Gordon go with The King for his fast food?

J. R. Gordon of Wedowee is none too happy with McDonald's for their joining The Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. J.R. writes in his LTE to the Randolph Leader, "What I do hate is someone trying to shame me or use peer pressure to force me to accept something to be socially or politically correct that the word of God says is wrong." He goes on to add, "We as a society, because of weak churches, have allowed gays and lesbians out of the closet." There's also, "God's word is plain concerning this sinful lifestyle and McDonalds along with other companies have taken the position that God's word is wrong and their word is right." Reckon The King loves J.R.'s God more than Ronald McDonald? WorldNutDaily reports Donald Wildmon's American Family Association will be boycotting the Golden Arches so I guess J.R. will have some company. John Gunn

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