Monday, July 14, 2008

House slams Bu$hCo on Pat Tillman investigation

It's not every day I link to ESPN. Mike Fish reports House calls out government in Tillman friendly fire death where he cites language in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of a "near universal lack of recall" on how Bu$hCo can't remember squat. The Defense Department doesn't escape the same label unfortunately. A delay of five weeks between all the publicity of his death and revealing that he's been killed by fratricide has long been known to have been indefensible. I noted in other reports that the same applies as to Jessica Lynch's situation.

In Mr. Fish's reporting we find the following:
The House report depicts committee investigators as stymied at nearly every turn in their efforts to get answers from key White House and administration officials concerning who knew what about the fratricide. ...

The White House made an immediate statement, despite a Department of Defense policy intended to provide a 24-hour period for private grieving before publicly discussing a casualty.

But in contrast to the earlier flurry of e-mail, not a single discussion of the fratricide was found by investigators in approximately 1,500 pages of e-mails between senior White House officials, as well as in other documents turned over by the White House.

"[T]he complete absence of any communications about his fratricide is hard to understand," the report noted. "Not a single written communication about the personal reactions or the substantive, political, and public relations implications of the new information was provided to the Committee."
Hard to understand? Could it be they've scrubbed the record or just didn't share the relevant e-mails with the Committee? Omerta applies in this administration rather than collective amnesia I'd argue. They have no shame. John Gunn

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