Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bright Republicans are indeed fertile ground

A tip of the tam to Bobby Bright and his team for his "I'm a Bright Republican" effort. I do expect Bama GOP chief Mike Hubbard is having a spell of the vapors as he tries to link Bright to Nancy Pelosi. Again, what's wrong with San Francisco values? Mike and Jay Love know they need to rally the troops over in crazy base land yet I assure you great results can come from reaching out to "bright" Republicans.

I have plenty of family and friends in Alabama that routinely vote Republican. Some are idiots. Some are ill-informed. Others are fundamentalists (even a few that ranks as Dobsonites!) that have been brought up in very traditional views of faith. Some are long invested in GOP politics. Some can reason and reply if and when they talk to the black sheep of the family. I'm a proud Progressive and yet I often just avoid a discussion on politics as I frankly feel sorry for some that try to prop up this failed ideology. I'd like to think I could reason with some and yet I've not been willing to take the risk. However, I could see a few voting for Bobby Bright if that option were available.

So I certainly think Bobby Bright can take away from the reliable Republicans in Alabama's 2nd with his "I'm a conservative who is 'pro life,' 'pro gun' and supports a 'strong military' approach." Then again, I think an assertive Progressive that was unapologetic in his/her beliefs in a woman's right to control her own body, reasonable restrictions on weaponry, and a more complete method of projecting foreign influence could do even better.

The above is a picture of Jerry McNerney with Pete McCloskey. Jerry's Republicans for McNerney effort was a huge success in 2006 in CA-11. Mr. Pete and others engaged in The Revolt of the Elders that have increasingly become fed up with modern GOP are just some that are out there for the picking. Mr. Pete was the first Maverick when he took on Dirty Dick Nixon yet he came back decades later to do the same to Dirty Dick Pombo.

Truly bright Republicans might be easy pickings for not just Bobby Bright but also Josh Segal and Parker Griffith. It looks like even those in DC from the GOP are worried. John Gunn

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