Monday, July 28, 2008

Will Mike Sutton one day walk into a church and ...

I've posted on Mike Sutton's rantings in my hometown paper previously yet given the recent rampage of Jim Adkisson up in Knoxville I must confess his recent Fight to preserve manhood troubles me even more than usual. Mike might write "Modern, politically correct liberalism is an effeminate philosophy" yet I can't help but think of the courage seemingly displayed by Greg McKendry. Truly Jim Adkisson was crazy as a run over dog yet his list of preferred authors have earned some hard questions. Michael Savage, just recently busted for ill informed rantings on autism, is just one. Mike Sutton closes with, "It is against these forces that all common sense Americans, both men and women, must stand and fight---now, not later." Just exactly how will you fight Mike? John Gunn

UPDATE ~ July 31, 2008 - The Anniston Star opines Hate speech on display: Lesson we must learn. They write

All three are prominent right-wing radio talkers; O'Reilly and Hannity appear on the radio in addition to shows on Fox News. Similarly, all three employ war-like rhetoric in waging their ideological battles against those who do not toe the conservative line. All put opponents into a corner with nicknames such as "pinhead," "loon" and "moron."

Hannity's books equate liberals with terrorists and despots. Needless to point out, Savage equates liberalism with mental illness.

On the day police were announcing his book was in the hands of a deranged man, O'Reilly came forth with a typical comment on Fox News. "The far left," O'Reilly said, "wants open border anarchy and condemns the feds for enforcing immigration law, even though it protects aliens from brutal employers. That's how extreme the far left movement is."

Clearly, one person took all this ugly language seriously enough to take up arms.

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