Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The party of fakes wants to campaign how?

The right wingers may be lying all the way to the bank with their negativity on steroids as of late in getting thousands of free plays for false accusations that aired only a dozen times as paid ads. Newsweek's Adrew Romano echoes this with his McCain's Savvy Ad Strategy. His "Sadly, however, a political ad doesn't have to be accurate to be effective. Just ask John Kerry." line is all too true I fear. Truthiness in a post-fact society surely can't be our lot in life.

Back in "the reality-based community", The Gray Lady scolds St. John with their Low Road Express label. The WaPo asks What electricity tax? They are simply making stuff up! Reality checks on Bu$hCo's offshore oil putsch seems related. Since so many of the 2004 efforts of Bu$h against Kerry are being repeated I shouldn't be surprised.

I appreciate, at least in part, how Team Obama is responding to Huggy Bear's negativity? And I like how Progressive Accountability quickly got up a comparison of Britney Spears and John McSame saying they both trust Dubyah. I can't help but think of the Paris Hilton Tax Cut given her cameo in the McCain ad. There's room here for a clever response.

I just can't fathom the audacity of movement conservatives. That Steve Schmidt is running the McCain effort after having provided artillery for The Governator in 2006 is especially rich. He's surely a celebrity I'd argue. The Gipper and Arnold's acting background is undeniable. That they both reached the Governor's office out there on the Left Coast is odd given how the right so often attacks California and especially Hollywood and San Francisco.

The GOP most recently gave us an inexperienced, poorly traveled, intellectual lightweight that held office in the state with the weakest Governor's powers of any in the union. They sold him as the man that would restore honor to the White House. After escaping prosecution for insider trading at Harken Energy, Dubyah then used his own Daddy Bu$h celebrity to get corporate welfare and a confiscatory land grab of private land to help him make millions on the Texas Rangers. That crony capitalism money was used to buy the spread at Crawford so the press could see Dubyah cutting brush and riding in a pickup truck. They sold us "a humble foreign policy" and "a Uniter not a Divider" but we got Commander Codpiece. Daddy got him in the Texas Air National Guard and he still was MIA while in Montgomery, Alabama. I see another opportunity here. Sic 'em!

Finally, the above image is one of just two that may be viewed here. Classy! John Gunn

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