Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is the "Liberal Media" on summer vacation?

Think Progress notes White House press corps hasn’t asked Perino about DOJ politicization. Surely news that Senior Department of Justice officials were engaged in blatant lawbreaking would merit a few questions for Bu$hCo. If "an experienced counterterrorism prosecutor ... was kept from advancing in favor of a more junior lawyer who lacked a background in terrorism" simply “because of his wife’s political affiliations” you'd think the media allegedly out to nail conservatives would pounce. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Digby nails the allegedly "liberal" Richard Cohen for his "Obama the Unknown" drive by in today's WaPo. I've seen Mr. Cohen at least twice on the brief moments I've had to watch the "liberal" media on this busy day. Why they had time and space for him seems odd to this flaming lefty.

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