Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Those dirty f***ing hippies at The Rand Corporation!

The Rand Corporation is hardly a bunch of smelly bloggers yet it seems they are setting themselves up for the scorn of the right wing set with their How Terrorist Groups End. Then again, RAND told Bu$hCo's Rummy way back in 2003 that more troops would be needed for Iraq. If and when true Progressives ever seize the reins of power in the Democratic Party then we'll fight back with no holds barred when these right wing nut jobs attack. They've learned I regret that a fair number of those not of the Movement Conservative clan will not make them pay dearly for their foolishness. Since the right wingers are so frequently on offense then I once again claim jiu-jitsu politics ought to be the Left's default setting. Let the wing nuts make their weak and all too common moves and then put the hurt on them. John Gunn

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