Monday, July 28, 2008

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary ~ Rove's "testimony"

I generally appreciate the work of the B'ham News' Mary Orndorff yet her recent Karl Rove submits written testimony about former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman; Democrats unimpressed completely missed the mark. It was hardly a "written statement to Congress" when she even writes "Rove's answers were sent at the request of Smith, who released them Wednesday." Texas Congressman Lamar Smith (of 99% of Americans support waterboarding infamy plus the GOP tool that claimed the Alberto Gonzales/DOJ inquiry was a fishing expedition and ...) served up the questions. It also appears Rove's lawyer Robert Luskin answered the questions rather than his client. The actual "testimony" is here. I can't find the post without a length search yet I recall a good one that explained the many, many outs Karl or his counsel had left with his/their answers. C'mon Mary, you can do better. John Gunn

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