Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Barack Obama's Chicago Law teaching career

The image is from the Obama Campaign and indeed I'd think this an image worthy of sharing often. I do love a teacher, especially one that seems more interested in teaching than publishing. That he seemingly loathed some of the academy minutia that has scared me away from the Ivory Tower makes it all the better.

However, serving up unmitigated hell on Conservative 101 tactics such as McCain says Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election is more critical. Huggy Bear's handlers have been going negative for some time yet St. John himself is getting rather bold. Sure, anybody with any willingness or ability to follow the stories know most of the allegations (such as recent lies over Senator Obama not wanting to visit wounded troops sans cameras) are wildly off base yet the GOP has long ago learned that many voters don't go that far. Once again ... if a Conservative attacks your character or patriotism then Progressive politicians, or even those close to that rare breed, must hit those attacking square in the mouth.

This older photo appears in Jodi Kantor's Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Apart in the Gray Lady. This 1996 quote in a Chicago law paper was great and my hope is that he still understands this foundational truth:

“On the national level, bipartisanship usually means Democrats ignore the needs of the poor and abandon the idea that government can play a role in issues of poverty, race discrimination, sex discrimination or environmental protection.”

The piece seems balanced and is certainly a contrast with Dana Milbank's President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour. Mr. Milbank has long come across as rather smarmy to me yet I was disappointed. Perhaps Dana was trying to be clever? Maybe he's trying to court some on the right after his Hunter Orange classic after Dead Eye Dick shot a man in the face? Could it be that he's trying to make up for his Honorable Beach Babe effort where he wrote of Senator Obama's "well-defined pecs, his perfectly hairless torso ..."

Then again, he might have just been chasing one of the Conservative's standard approaches of attacking an opponent's strength. Obama's confidence and capacity are certain so the GOP knows they need to attack those appealing traits. In 2004 our own genuine war hero was "swift boated" for instance. Following the lead of Lee Atwater to Karl Rove to ... if you are going to campaign for the right you learn the value of pushing where your opponent is strongest.

Given the undeniably arrogant towel snapping frat boy leading the GOP and unfortunately our nation these last seven and a half years I find the irony almost beyond stomaching. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ August 2, 1008 - dday suggests Dan Milbank is winning "America's Next Top Clueless Pundit" award. Milbank is due a rebuke by both his own WaPo editors and their readers.

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