Monday, July 28, 2008

Back in the saddle with much ground to cover

Jumping back aboard the lefty blogosphere via the DOJ report concerning Monica Goodling, one of Bu$hCo's God Squad, and ... seems appropriate. She's a fall girl up to a point yet certainly worthy of our collective scorn. When you need a Venn Diagram to keep up with which of Bu$hCo should go to the Big House or merely be run out of town on a rail that says much about The Reign of Error. Juan Cole hits one out of the park with the following:
What a country. This is the kind of crap you need to keep in mind when you hear the braying jackasses accusing Democrats and other of not being patriotic. These scumbags, these perfect examples of the modern GOP, have routinely put party over country. The fact that they have the nerve to even show their faces in public, let alone accuse others of treason or treachery or question their patriotism is enough to make your blood boil.
Amen! Team Obama is fighting back somewhat yet I'd like to see them getting far more assertive. Andrea Mitchell of NBC is even accepting that St. John's recent attack ad is "literally not true" and even tries to keep NC's Richard Burr from wiggling off the hook. Progressives need to make St. John and the movement conservatives that think all is fair as long as they are advancing the glorious cause pay for their posturing! John Gunn

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