Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Troy King rails against "Corporate Manipulation"

The Montgomery Advertiser reports late in the day that Jury Favors Alabama in Drug Suit regarding the State's latest effort to recover overcharges to our Medicaid agency. Prince Troy thinks 79 pharmaceutical companies engaged in "massive overcharges". Prince Troy is quoted as saying,
“The people of Alabama can be reassured that grave injustices are being made right, that public funds taken by corporate manipulation schemes are being recovered, and that the Office of Attorney General is discharging its duty to hold accountable anyone, no matter how powerful and wealthy, who would take advantage of our state and our citizens.”
"Corporate manipulation schemes" nearly sets my heart to fluttering Troy. Does that means you'll no longer carry water for the modern GOP and perhaps even the centrist weenies on the Democratic side of the house? John Gunn

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